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When Buying a Home in Naples/Fort Myers, Florida Who to believe:

Current Building Code or Outdated Building Code:

Realtor or home builder, who to believe. If you are buying an existing home, try to find out who was the original home builder. If the home is older than 8 years, don’t worry about the builder, the home is not up to current code. This means the home may not stand up to a naturally occurring phenomena in Southwest Florida, (SWFL), a Hurricane. The home is also open to possible toxic material that Home Builders, because of updated building codes, would never put into a new construction home.
A typical Realtor would never bring these topics up for discussion. Their job is to sell, sell, sell, whereas the Home builder would only build you a new home that was up to the current building code.

Land Purchase:

When looking for land to build your new home, again the Realtor’s job is to sell you land to build your new home. Realtors usually do not understand potential problems associated with wetlands, easements, and zoning. Their goal is to close the deal. In contrast to the Home Builder whose goal is to build you a new home. The Home Builder understands potential wetlands issues, corner lot issues, potential easement issues, along with potential zoning issues. A home builder will discuss these potential issues with you, the buyer, before land closure takes place. The Home Builder’s goal is to build a home for you.

Cost to Buy or Build:

The cost to purchase an existing home is set by the owner. The Realtor, if they know the market, believe they can sell easily, to you the buyer. The Home Builder, if he has an inventory of newly built homes, acts pretty much like the Realtor, in that their mission is to sell you their inventoried home.
If you cannot find an existing home in the area you would like to live in SWFL, Realtors are out of the question and your choice is a Home Builder. The cost to build a new home is similar to purchasing an existing home. The location of the home, the size of the home, and the interior and exterior changes set the price of a newly constructed home as well as an existing home.
There is no price tag for the safety of you and your family. Newly constructed homes afford you and your family, protection from Hurricanes, as well as harmful toxics built into existing homes. A realtor would never admit these shortfalls, when trying to sell you an older existing home.

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