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Why is Building Better in Southwest Florida?

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I often hear people talking about their house buying plans and so often it only seems to center around finding a pre-owned home that will fit their needs. Wake up people! Why on earth would you try to make an existing home fit your needs when you could build a brand new home designed to meet your needs?

Consider the following when making your home buying decision…

With a new home, you alone will make the following choices:

· Colors of paint & type and color of flooring (No having to paint over that ballerina pink bedroom for your son or hoping the in-laws won’t notice the thread-bare carpet!)

· Choose the best floorplan to meet your needs for space, number of bedrooms and bathrooms

· Choose your location/lot next to newer and better kept homes

My question is why would you want the hassle of doing renovation work when you could have your home built how you want it? I can think of so many other things I’d rather do than looking for honest and qualified subcontractors to use. Not to mention, the convenience of being able to customize my home to meet my needs within my budget.

One of the best reasons I can tell you about building a new home in Southwest Florida is having your home meet all of the latest energy and building safety codes such a hurricane impact glass and doors which offer you and your family maximum protection during a hurricane.

Should I go on? A new home has never been lived in by anyone else and their pets. A minimum one year warranty on your home covers things that could possibly go wrong in the first 12 months. A new roof is covered for about 15 years in case or damage or leaks. All of this is so important to consider when you are considering home ownership for the first time. You don’t have to worry about unseen mold, water leaks from old pipes, pests or termites and dated worn-out floors.

It may seem like finding an existing home and renovating it yourself would be easier and less expensive, but consider the costs of things that normally need to be replaced on an existing home. A new roof can cost $12,000 and up. The newest and most energy-efficient air conditioning system (which we desperately need in Southwest Florida) can cost $1,000 and up.

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